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Welcome re-opening of an old favourite pub: The Frog and Nightgown

Last autumn, while motoring in the area, I decided to take a peek at the closed down pub. Creepers were spreading across the windows and the garden was a jungle. It looked so forlorn and I felt down in the dumps at seeing it like this. Furthermore, I gathered from a local I spoke to that there were plans to convert it back to two houses. But a couple of weeks ago, I received the heartening news that the Frog and Nightgown had re-opened. I couldn't believe my eyes reading this news. Naturally, I was keen to pay a visit as soon as possible. The pub had closed when the landlady, who was of retirement age, died. She had struggled to keep the place going after her poorly husband, Jim, had died a year or so earlier. I remember him occasionally appearing behind the bar in his wheelchair to pull a pint.

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